Phillip began his writing career at the age of six, when he had a letter published in a children’s comic that netted him a grand total of 50p (worth 50p in today’s money).  Over the years he’s written articles for newspapers, computer magazines and computer journals, with the odd foray into music (he discovered after just 6 gigs that it was much more fun getting trashed with the band, than watching the band get trashed and writing about it).

A few birthdays back, Phillip found that writing reports for government that no-one reads pays far better than writing 1,000 word articles for magazines with country-wide distribution.  Having moved away from writing about things he was interested in, he started writing stories about the people he’d worked with.

At a friend’s 30th birthday party, Phillip met Richard Argent and was blown away by his artwork.  He made a drunken commitment that night, that if he ever wrote a novel, Richard was going to illustrate it.  They laughed and parted company, but it just goes to prove, sometimes drunken promises do in fact come true.

Having spent most of his working life in London, Phillip moved out West, to Bath.  When not consulting in cyber-security, he makes a wicked salsa with chillies he grows himself.  He’s a big fan of gin, cider and real ale and recently bought shares in the village pub, which is now a community asset and reopened its doors in early 2018.

The Packhorse