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In my previous article I looked at how to pervert the security of an election system in such a way as to allow an election to be stolen whilst putting the blame elsewhere.

“It wasn’t us, guv – ‘onest. It were them filthy Russian wot dunnit.”

Now I’m going to take a look at the same theft from the other way around. If I was in charge of securing an election, given what we know, what might I do to make sure that the bad guys don’t get away with it? First, a bit of background as to what I think went on.

Whatever you might think about Donald Trump he’s not a moron. At the very least he knows a smart guy when he sees one. And as they say in business: “I don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room, as long as the smartest guy in the room works for me.” Trump has plenty of smart guys working for him. If he finds out they’re not as smart as they claimed, he fires them.

Team Trump knew that the 2016 elections were rigged for Hilary. Like Biden, she didn’t bother to campaign. She didn’t need to. Somehow, the election got unrigged in a few key States. Perhaps it was arrogance on the part of the Dems. Perhaps Team Trump had assistance. The important thing is that Hilary lost and the Dems have been deranged ever since. The mid-terms in 2018 provided Team Trump with the opportunity to watch the Democratic vote stealing machine in action. They stole the House of Representatives via late ballots that just kept on turning up. In retrospect, Trump could have taken action there and then, and proved the fraud. Instead, he let the Dems get away with it. Let’s face it, most thieves are lazy. If they weren’t lazy, they’d be holding down a job instead of nicking stuff. It therefore follows that if a thief tries a trick and gets away with it once, they’ll pull exactly the same trick again. Welcome to the Presidential Election 2020.

If you know what a thief did to steal something the first time around, and they think they weren’t noticed, you have the opportunity to lay a trap. Prime it with a nice, juicy steak. Then you sit back and watch. Here’s the thing, though: if you nab the thief while he’s walking past your kitchen window he can claim innocence. If you nab him with plans to steal your steak, he can claim he found them in the street. If you nab him in your kitchen, a good lawyer will come up with a BS defence that shows the thief was defending your steak from being stolen by someone else. However, if you nab the thief in his own kitchen, with your steak on the stove, then he’s well and truly caught. I think this is what we’re looking at here. It’s only once each State has certified their election that the crime has taken place. That hasn’t happened yet.

Wikileaks Vault 7

Edward Snowden leaked details of the NSA’s spying program back in 2013. The world was shocked by the breadth and scale of the surveillance being carried out. Although Snowden revealed what was going on, he didn’t discuss the how. This came from Wikileaks, who in March 2017 revealed the CIA’s spyware catalogue to the world. It was in a release of information dubbed ‘Vault 7’. In all, we’re looking at 40+ software modules which can be downloaded onto a range of target devices for the purposes of spying. To give you an idea of how tricky the CIA are, here are the top 12 modules:

I’d bet hard cash that the NSA have a similar set of tools available for use. Given that President Trump issued an Executive Order in 2018, following the mid-terms, that instructed the NSA to secure the 2020 elections against foreign and domestic interference, whatever toolset the NSA has is being put to good use. This is what I would do:

To Catch a Thief

In the interests of due process, A FISA is required. However, the people involved are so high up the food chain that a standard FISA can’t be used as they’re all pals with the judges on the FISA court. It has to be military FISA through the military courts. The CIA can’t be trusted, so it has to be the NSA who do the spying. This is why Trump kicked out Dan Coates and put his own trusted man at the top. We know who the suppliers of the voting machines are. The next step is to insert spyware on their network infrastructures, their servers, their laptops and their PCs. Let’s do voting machines, WiFi, smart devices and mobile phones too. This way we’ll have everything.

On a side note, ever since election night we’ve heard that Hammer and Scorecard were used to tamper with the results. Lt Gen Tom McInerny was the first person to describe what Scorecard does. He says it’s a piece of code which is deployed to a voting machine, which flips 3% of the vote to a preferred candidate. He implied that Hammer is the command-and-control system used to deploy Scorecard. This was first described by Dennis Montgomery, who developed both tools for John Brennan. As we’re now in spook territory, there is no way to know if Montgomery was telling the truth. If we go back in time to the 2000 election, Diebold voting machines were said to be flipping ballots. Diebold also developed GEMS, which is at the heart of all the voter fraud. Diebold became Premier Election Solutions and were bought up by ES&S in 2009. ES&S were later forced to sell some of the Premier tech in 2010 by the DOJ and this ended up with Dominion. So by 2010 Dominion had Diebold voting machine tech and GEMS. They also likely had a downloadable module which flips 3% of the vote and works on its own. If I designed it, I’d deploy it by a central command-and-control system or memory stick. It would self-terminate a day after the elections, to cover tracks. Everything as described to steal votes is in-house tech. There’s no need for the CIA to be involved.

Hammer is mentioned in the Wikileaks Vault 7 drop under WildTurkey, which is described as an IOS related plugin for the HAMR framework. We’ve heard from other sources that Brennan developed Hammer under Obama and used it to spy on US congress and journalists. It’s described as a massive database. As the Vault 7 drop is all about spy tools, we can assume that HAMR is the framework / command-and-control system for deploying all of the Vault 7 goodies, with all the data being collected in a huge DB. Vote rigging just doesn’t fit in here. And it’s not necessary. Dominion and Smartmatic are quite capable of doing this without any assistance.

Sidney Powell said that Hammer and Scorecard were used in the elections. Gen McInerny said the same. What if Hammer was used, but it was used to spy on Dominion? Think about it. Except it wouldn’t be Hammer, it would be the NSA equivalent. Might this toolset be called Kraken?

Might we really have it all?!?

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