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As some folk know I work in cybersecurity and this means that something such as electronic election fraud falls within my area of expertise.

This piece is all about Dominion Systems, The Hammer and Scorecard – all items whose profile will be raised in the coming days.

HAMR (The Hammer) was developed by the CIA under John Brennan. It was apparently designed to allow US intelligence to monitor and manipulate the outcome of foreign elections using a number of covert electronic hacks such as Scorecard. Scorecard is a piece of deployable software which is downloaded to voting machines. It subtlety alters the vote by flipping up to 3% of votes to a preferred candidate. Dominion Systems are responsible for collecting the election results in all the swing States (and beyond). Their software has been subjected to a number of security reviews over the years and found wanting.

With any cyber-system, transparency and accountability are key. You might think that when it comes to encryption for instance, having a secret encryption methodology is a good idea. Except it’s not. Encryption methodologies need to be made as public as possible, so that if there is a flaw in the computations they can be discovered and fixed. How and where the encryption is used is what should be kept secret. If ever you see the terms ‘black box solution’ or ‘proprietary system’ alarm bells should ring. It means the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know what’s going on inside their box. The final key to understanding secret systems is the ‘air-gap’. This means that the system runs on its own network, unconnected to any other systems. Data can only be transferred to and from the system via the use of transportable media, which is logged. Logs are another system requirement BTW – every unique event must be captured and recorded and kept, and must not be able to be altered, even by an administrator. The final point to note is that all source code in use must be subject to a regular peer review and scanning by application malware detectors. Even secret programmes of work such as missile guidance systems get a code peer review.

How does Dominion work? Well, the basic design is pretty straightforward. There are data input terminals at the election sites. These feed into a number of ‘aggregation’ servers, which then feed up into a central database. To be secure, all of this infrastructure must be on its own, unique network. Except it isn’t. The Dominion systems are widely connected to the internet, allegedly for admin purposes. This is a major red flag. Secondly, the aggregation servers are all black box solutions. The code is proprietary and not subject to peer review. Another massive red flag. The code on the voting terminals has been shown to be shoddy and easily hackable (this is where Scorecard would be deployed). Many of the suggested fixes from previous elections have yet to be implemented. This is a third red flag. Now add the cosy relationship that exists between Nancy Pelosi’s family, Hillary Clinton (the Clinton Foundation) and the Dominion Systems execs and you can see how there might be a bit of a conflict of interests.

There was a massive data dump on Dominion on the dark web last night, and the nerds are still picking through it. Cursory analysis suggests that the aggregation servers are able to be accessed remotely and the data they contain manipulated in real-time. However, because Trump was able to muster his voting base in huge numbers, the initial algorithms that were deployed were not up to the job. There were too many Republican votes. They couldn’t be switched without it being obvious. That’s why we saw voting pause in the middle of night. A new set of code had to be dumped ASAP to the aggregation servers, or Trump was going to win. The numbers were still too big though and what was done is glaringly obvious to anyone who’s a forensic investigator (see my posts from yesterday). It also looks like CNN and others were granted access to the output from the aggregation servers in real-time, so they were seeing the raw voter figures before they were manipulated and before the election officials saw them. This is serious stuff, because it means that the MSM knowingly lied about the election results. They were in on the theft as it happened. System access across the board was disguised using PornHub accounts and betting shop accounts Hundreds were created. Twice during CNN’s live updates, a PornHub tab was accidentally shown. This is why.

From what I’ve seen, it appears that view access to the aggregator servers was also sold to foreign actors. It’s possible that access from Ukraine and China happened as part of a trail-covering exercise. It’s also possible that the people doing the viewing were sloppy. All in all, it’s a complete mess. Open to compromise and abuse.

Electronic rigging is just one part of a bigger puzzle. There was also massive fraud with printed ballots. A lot of this has already been picked up by the State auditors. For instance, if you need to add 120,000 votes for Biden, you also need to change the number of registered voters. Compare and contrast spreadsheets that were logged at the end of each day, and when the registered voters total changes day on day, fraud is taking place.

At the moment, Biden is not the President-elect. This is media fiction. The fraud as described is still a crime in progress. It’s only when Biden declares himself the winner that a crime has taken place. I have no idea of the timescales involved, but I am confident that just as the Dems had 4 years to plan stealing an election so Trump had 4 years to plan how to defend against a stolen election. If he’d stopped the crime in progress and allowed himself to win the election, it would all happen again. By moving in once the election has been stolen, with cast-iron proof, he can shut the whole damn enterprise down once and for all.

Phillip Legard

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